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7 Steps to Buying Your Home

1) Complete loan application
Click "Apply Now" tab to get started. Submit all income and asset documentation as requested.

2) Get preapproved
Your credit report will be ordered so that your file can be processed though our Direct Underwriting (DU) system which will issue a written letter that confirms the price of home you can purchase. Credit report fee is $17.75 per individual or $27 per married couple (joint pull). This fee is refundable upon successful closing of transaction.

3) Home Search

Begin shopping for your home with your realtor. Once you find that right home, the terms of the sale will be negotiated, including the price and potentially the terms of the loan being sought.

4) Processing
Your file is submitted to processing to complete and upload to our bank for underwriting. Appraisal inspection is ordered at this time to determine property's fair market value.

5) Receiving approval 

Your loan approval is issued with conditions specific, but not limited to you, the seller(s) and the property.  Counter conditions may apply on initial conditions  submitted.

6) Pre-closing
In this phase, estimated final Closing Disclosure (CD) will be emailed to you and escrow to e-accept. Once done, your final loan docs will be drawn and transmitted to escrow for signing.

7) Closing date
The day and time when all final mortgage documents are signed and all necessary payments are transferred to complete the purchase of a house. Also known as the settlement date.

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