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Purchase today with Relationship Pricing on a 5 year up to $3,000,000:

2.5% NO POINTS 80% to $3,000,000 – (with Relationship Pricing $25k)

              7 year 3.00%

              10 year 3.25%

RATES AND PRICING are a moving target and may change without notice from date and time of this quote (2/18/2020, 11:41am)

We lend to $$7,500,000!

Primary Residence 1-4 Units

90% to $1,500,000 (1 unit only, only when over 80%)

90% CLTV - 80% LTV to $2,000,000 – allowing a 90% CLTV - 80/10/10

       80% to $3,000,000 (80% LTV and CLTV)

75% LTV to $5,000,000 - purchase or rate/term

       65% LTV to $7,500,000 – purchase or rate/term

Cash-Out to $5,000,000 – Allowing $1,000,000 cash to the borrower

Non-Owner Occupied 1-4 Units

75% LTV to $2.5M - purchase or rate/term

70% LTV to $5M - purchase or rate/term

Cash-Out NOO 70% LTV to $2.5M up to $1,000,000 cash to the borrower

ONE YEAR TAX RETURN Program, borrower must be self-employed for a minimum of two years

Cross Collateral - Use equity from currently owned property to purchase without selling, potentially no money out of pocket

Departing Residence - Use income derived from a rental survey on departing residence; property can be listed for sale or not

     No equity required, no landlord experience need

Delayed Purchase: no waiting period, purchased pricing specials apply .25% rate reduction, interim financing okay!

Interest Only - 75% LTV to $3M on primary residence, loans up to $5,000,000

40-Year Term - 75% LTV to $5M on primary residence (90% CLTV ok with $1.5M 1st)

47% DTI: Owner Occupied

NO Max number of properties owned

Non-Occupant Co-borrower, completely blended ratios 1-4 units

    TRUE Blended Ratios - NO occupant borrower ratios or assets

LLC – Entity Vesting on non-owner

ADU Income - Accessory Dwelling Unit/Mother-In-Law Unit (MIL)/Boarder Income

·       May be used if on tax return; rent schedule accepted if property is a purchase with ADU/MIL

Asset Depletion

·       Utilize additional income from eligible assets amortized over the life of the loan at the 30-year Treasury bond rate

RSU Income - Restricted Stock

·       Use for qualifying if shown as taxable income with a two-year history

·       Can be used for income and reserves

·       No maximum percentage, all income can be from RSU

Non-Permanent Resident Aliens


o   True blended ratios (non-occupant co-borrower)

o   Blended FICO Scores - Average all borrowers’ middle FICOs to calculate the average qualifying FICO

o   Gift funds 100% accepted for primary residence

o   Units: No pricing add, no LTV or guideline chance for units

o   100% Gift  -   EVEN on an 90% CLTV​

o   Qualify at the greater of START RATE or fully indexed

o   Use Ordinary Income from K1

•                    Distributions not required to use the Ordinary Income

o   ADD BACK Pension contribution from business returns 

o   Distributions not required to use the Ordinary Income 

o   Allow business funds for down payment

o   75% of retirement funds are used for personal liquid assets and reserves

o   Considered rate/term:

Ø  Paying off a 2nd TD with no withdraws in the last 12 months

Ø  Buy out spouse, family member, or business partner as rate & term

o   ​Cannabis Industry Income - OK if W-2 and no ownership

o   Appraisal transfers accepted with review acceptance


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